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If you don’t know where to look, then getting water removal and extraction services can be difficult for Northampton residents. What makes things even harder is that residential water removal is a lot different than commercial water removal. Different kinds of equipment must be used, and different approaches must be taken. We’re A1R and we have distinguished ourselves from the competition because we can handle all water removal and extraction jobs. We utilize the best tools and we have a highly skilled team of people to get the job done.

If you get in touch with us now we can begin the process of removing the water an drying out your house or commercial building.

Home & Business

Our local team in Northampton provides services to remove the water and dryout your home or business. The process for a home vs a commercial building are slightly different, but our team is trained to handle both residential homes and commercial buildings for water removal. Whatever the type of property, our experts at A1R of Northampton knows exactly what’s needed to be done.

Specialist Equipment

One of the several ways Action 1 Restoration of Northampton stands out from the competition is through our specialized devices. We make use of the latest hardware to get both commercial and residential properties back to its original condition as fast as we can. Our commercial grade instruments helps us remove the water and dryout the home as fast as possible.

Trained & Qualified

A1R of Northampton employs experienced water removal and restoration contractors in the state. Our team members are certified professionals who are specialists in the field of water removal and restoration. Our local contractors have extensive training in water removal and extraction, including document drying and cleaning.

Emergency Disaster

When it comes to removal of water from your home, time is always of the essence. Our team always works with utmost skill, speed, and efficiency. Our fast response times are a result of extensive experience and high-caliber skills. Call us today and see why so many other homeowners and businesses have trusted A1R of Northampton with fast water removal and dryout of their property.

Why Choose A1R of Northampton For Water Removal and Dryout!

Our Affordable Emergency Services

The local team of contractors that we have makes certain that there is not a long wait for them to arrive. An important goal we have is that our customers know that there’s someone ready to handle their problem immediately, understanding the stress of this type of emergency.


Our Emergency services:

*plumbing and restoration system* the service of air dehumidification *moisture detection and dry out service *completely drying of flooded homes, offices and basement *drying carpet, wall coverings and walls.


Specialized Equipment We Use

To facilitate our efforts we use modern equipment. Our state of the art technology makes it so that we can finish jobs very quickly, and avert any further damage. We have been well-equipped with professional-grade tools and equipment to enable us to extract water efficiently from the affected areas. We also have the latest in drying equipment to facilitate the drying and restoration processes.

Our equipment has all been designed and built in adherence with the highest professional standards. We have been dedicated to investing in only the finest equipment available. We do not hesitate to invest in only the best. We know that having the equipment we need contributes to making us one of the quickest, most efficient, and reliable experts in the industry today. With high-tech equipment for water extraction, commercial dehumidifiers, air movers, blowers, ventilators, and scrubbers, we can help you manage any water damage situation.

We know that taking timely and confident measures for restoration is critical to save your property from further damage. Our Northampton technicians are primed to react with agility to any call for flood control and restoration. We respond to all calls for service with a full array of tools to get the job done right, the first time.

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Why Choose A1R of Northampton For Water Removal & Dryout!

Our Emergency Services

If a water tragedy has recently caused chaos in your life you can depend on our team of specialists to provide the help you need. Even better, make sure you have a record of our number before such a situation occurs. Whatever day or time you find yourself in need, our Northampton team is at the ready to come to your home or to your workplace to get the water problem rectified. It is with much pride that we provide some of the most effective water removal and extraction services that Northampton has to offer. Years of commitment and working hard to find the right team has led us to where we’re today. A lot of hard work, as well as experience in business and home situations, has helped us to refine our process, acquire more knowledge, benefit from training and make use of exceptional equipment.

We have the proper tools and staff on hand to help you when you need it. When you place your call to us, tell us immediately the sort of problem you are experiencing so we can send the right people and the right equipment. You will want to make sure you take every type of water leak or damage seriously. If you do not address the issue right away the chances are good that it could be a major health risk.

Commercial Grade Equipment

Action One Restoration of Northampton stands out from the crowd in relation to the other services that offer removals in Northampton, our commitment to quality has helped us to do this. For this reason, we’ve invested our money in the best equipment that our money can buy to serve you, you, better. Based on the needs of the job determines what equipment will be needed to completely finish the needed tasks to restore your home. We have machines like pumps, and truck mount pumps as well as dehumidifiers that remove the visible water and the excess moisture from your home. We also have devices designed for use in both resident and commercial-scale projects. We often use commercial grade equipment for cleanups as it helps speed the process along.

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Our 6 Step Process to Restore Your Home

Step 1 Call Us Water Damage Process
Step 2 Turn Off Water Prep
Step 3 Water Removal Process
Step 4 Dry Out Process
Step 5 Clean and Disinfect
Step 6 Restore and Repair

See How We Are Different

Action 1 Restoration of Northampton

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See How We Are Different

Action 1 Restoration of Northampton

(877) 246-8788